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Welcome to lotr_brandyhall!

Brandyhall is a community for mature fans of both J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson's film adaptation, in order to provide a haven away from the movie-fangirls and book-elitists. In this community we respect the book but also recognize the immense value and depth of the films, and can hold discussions beyond what actors are sexy, the latest celebrity gossip, and why the book is just so much better than the films. We're not crazy fangirls. We're not elitists. We just love The Lord of the Rings, no matter the form.

Why Brandyhall?
I tried a lot of other things .. The Prancing Pony, The Green Dragon, the Council of Elrond .. even the Sindarin word "Linnathon" which means "I will chant" and the Quenya word Quendi, which means "The Speakers" (and also a name for the High Elves). However .. It is generally accepted that in the book, at least, Meriadoc Brandybuck is the more scholarly of the hobbits, despite his mischievous nature. Since the idea behind this group is to be intelligent and yet also have fun, I thought that Merry would be a good mascot .. and Brandyhall, being his home, seemed like a natural choice for this discussion forum.

What we'll talk about...
+ Book/film comparisons - where the adaptations work best, what alterations were necessary, where improvements were made, what worked, what didn't
+ Tolkien's background and the writing of The Lord of the Rings
+ Middle-earth's races, cultures, and languages
+ Actors' interpretations, choices, motivations
+ Directorial/writing choices
+ Questions regarding the book or films; confusion on plot, time, character, culture, et cetera, and whether or not we're capable of answering them
+ Characters - everything about characters :)
+ Important themes in The Lord of the Rings
+ Favorites - characters, scenes, cultures, lines, passages

Okay, I don't like rules, but from running roleplays and writing circles I know they're necessary to keep things in line. I want this to be a great forum, where people can discuss things freely and not be afraid to post or start their own threads. So here are the rules: what you can and cannot post, what will get you deleted, what will get you kicked out of the forum, et cetera.
+ For organization's sake, please post new topics with a header for the topic in the subject line, then your comments/questions/discussion-starter in the body.
+ Reply to topic posts to give your opinion, again for organization's sake.
+ Please do not respond to topics with one-liners. We want you to discuss! :)
+ If you are immature, constantly off-topic, and/or rude, you will be asked to leave this community. I do not want to have to do this, so think about whether this is the forum for you before you join.
+ Respect the opinions of others. You can disagree all you like as long as it's constructive. Breaking this rule will result in eviction.
+ Posts about how sexy actors are, celebrity gossip, and general rabble will be deleted. I want people to be able to have fun, but I don't want ths forum cluttered with the kind of "orli is soooo hott" stuff that's in most other forums.
+ Swear if you want to. Write about how dwarves mate. I don't care - just keep vulgarity to a reasonable minimum.
+ Let the slashers go free. If you don't agree with slash, please keep it out of this forum. This is not a slash-based discussion group but discussions will happen, and if I see any posts regarding homosexuality as wrong, or any pairing being "gross" (except, I dunno, Lurtz and Pippin ...), the post will be deleted and you will be asked to leave the discussion group.
+ Keep slashing to a minimum. I do allow limited posting of fanfiction, and that includes slash, but make sure that only rarely is there a slash topic being discussed. I don't want there to be a topic on every single possble pairing. There are slash forums for that.

Other posts
Have some great fanfic or art that you want to share? Excellent! We want to see it - if you're a Brandyhall member, and if you are active in discussions. Keep in mind this is not a fanfic/art community, but limited submissions are accepted with the following format:

[subject line] Fanficton (or) Fanart (or) Slashfiction (or) LJ icons: [topic/title of story/art]
Title: [Art/icons don't need this]
Rating: [G to NC-17, but please keep smut to a relative minimum]
Characters (or) Pairings:
Summary: [Art/icons don't need this]
Disclaimer: [I don't own Tolkien, blahblahblah]
Other notes:

Once you've done that, you must put your story/art/icons behind an lj-cut. Posts that do not follow these criteria will be deleted, and if a member is consistently not participating in discussion but constantly posting art, he/she will be asked to leave and/or the option of posting stories and art will be closed. Please respect these rules.

Also, if you've got some LOTR humor (parodies, drinking games, et cetera), feel free to post those as well behind an lj-cut or with a link to another page. Same goes for this as for the art. In moderation, please, but we all deserve some fun. ^^

Joining criteria
Want to join? Fantastic! Here's some criteria:
+ You enjoy The Lord of the Rings beyond how sexy Orlando Bloom is. (Yes, we all agree, Legolas is a gorgeous specimen of elfhood, but there's more to it than that, believe it or not. :) )
+ You've seen the films (except The Return of the King, of course, but you plan to see it :) ).
+ You've read the book, or at least enough of the book to appreciate it, or you're very interested in reading the book if you have not done so already.
+ You know what happens in The Return of the King, so discussions with spoilers can be posted without worry.
+ You're interested in the "What we'll talk about" section above.
+ You can state your opinions, even if they disagree with others', in a polite manner that respects everyone else.
+ You are mature enough to not blush or titter at anything that might be past PG-13. That means swearing, slash, discussions on sex (sure, they happen...), slash, et cetera.

Meet those criteria? Then please feel free to join! We need members. :)

Introduce yourself
We want to know who you are! When you join Brandyhall, please introduce yourself with the following information. This isn't an application - you aren't being judged. We're just curious who we have. :)


Have you read the book? (even some of it):
Do you know any Elvish/Dwarvish?:
Do you have any knowledge of Tolkien's alphabets?:
LOTR knowledge forte:

In LOTR, your favorite...
Middle-earth culture/race:
Volume of book:
Line/scene in film:
Line/passage in book:

Other hobbies/interests:

Anything else:

Your friendly moderator
So .. this is both a sample intro post and information on me, your moderator. :)

Name/Nickname: KD
Location: Steve's School for Chicks (Stephens College), Columbia, Missouri
Occupation: Student (theatre major)

Have you read the book? (even some of it): Yes, Fellowship twice
Do you know any Elvish/Dwarvish?: Some phrases in Sindarin and Quenya
Do you have any knowledge of Tolkien's alphabets?: Can read (slowly) / write in English Tengwar

In LOTR, your favorite...
Character: Samwise Gamgee
Actor: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan
Middle-earth culture/race: Hobbit (go figure)
Film: The Return of the King
Volume of book: Book 4 (of TTT) and Book 6 (of ROTK)
Line/scene in film: Elven rope and the possibility of roast chicken (Frodo/Sam, TTT:EE), The Green Dragon (FOTR:EE), "Where is the horse and the rider?" (TTT), Pippin finds Merry at Pelennor Fields (ROTK), Frodo kisses Sam on the top of the head before leaving for Valinor (ROTK)
Line/passage in book: Sam rescues Frodo in the Tower of Cirith Ungol (ROTK), and the following:

'No, the burned hand teaches best. After that the advice about fire goes to the heart.'

'It does,' said Pippin. 'If all the seven stones were laid out before me now, I should shut my eyes and put my hands in my pockets.'

'Good!' said Gandalf. 'That is what I hoped.'

'But I should like to know -' Pippin began.

'Mercy!' cried Gandalf. 'If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days in answering you. What more do you want to know?'

'The names of all the stars, and of all living things, and the whole history of Middle-earth and Over-heaven and of the Sundering Seas,' laughed Pippin. 'Of course! What less? But I am not in a hurry tonight.'

Poem/song: I sit beside the fire and think (Bilbo, FOTR), In Western lands beneath the sun (Sam, ROTK)

Other hobbies/interests: Theatre, acting, singing, drawing, icon design, Harry Potter, Coupling (BBC television), Pirates of the Caribbean, Queer as Folk, Sherlock Holmes

Anything else: Not really. ~.^

Show your Brandyhall membership!
When you join Brandyhall, show your pride and put this icon in your userinfo. :) More designs will come if the membership grows and if I am very bored. ^^