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Subject:Topic: I would like to thank the Academy...
Time:08:36 am
This is a bit late...

Congratulations to The Return of the King winning eleven Academy Awards on Sunday!

The film (or all three films if you look at it that way) has now tied with Titanic and Ben Hur when it comes to the most Oscars awarded, and it's the only film to make a clean sweep and win for everything it was nominated for.

I'd say it's about time, but what do you think? Also - and I'm just throwing this out - how do you suppose views of LOTR will change now that it's labeled as winning eleven Academy Awards? (*squee*)
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Current Music:lotr rotk-minas tirith
Time:08:06 pm
Current Mood:nervousnervous
uhh....i suppose i had better answer all those questions, eh?

Name/Nickname: i am called The by many...my last name is "burger", so everyone calls me The Burger. therefore, i am The.
Location: new england

Have you read the book? (even some of it): i have read lotr three times now, the hobbit thrice as well, and the silmarillion once.
Do you know any Elvish/Dwarvish?: a tiny bit of elvish, and i can decipher tengwar if i work at it. i got the book by ruth noel.
Do you have any knowledge of Tolkien's alphabets?: see above.
LOTR knowledge forte: well, i THINK i'm prety knowledgeable. i don't really know, though....i only have one friend as LotR obsessed as i, and the rest ridicule me for it (thus my joining of this forum.) i am pretty good at the trivial persuit game. i know enoguh to tell you who beren and luthien are, what lembas and cram are, and all that stuff. i think i'll be able to keep up in most conversations.

In LOTR, your favorite...
Character: hard to say. i've had a crush on galadriel since i first read the book. but i think my favourite character would have to be samwise.
Actor: hmm....i suppose...yeah, viggo mortensen
Middle-earth culture/race: i admire the complex beauty of the elves and their culture, but i think i love the simple beauty of hobbit culture just as much, if not more.
Film: RotK, definately, althoguh i wish they had included the scouring.
Volume of book: hmm...i think book three (i mean part one of TTT), mostly because i love the ents
Line/scene in film: "go now and die in what way seems best to you", from denethor. i dont know if i got that right, but it's something like that. (ye'd think that after seeing it six times i'd have it down)
Line/passage in book: hmm, hmm..."i am glad you are here with me. here at the end of all things, sam."
Poem/song: the lay of luthien

Other hobbies/interests: the matrix is my other obsession, but it really doesn't compair to my love for lotr. i like to read, play video games, and eat.

Anything else: not really. i look forward to good conversations on lotr.
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Time:10:54 pm
Current Mood:indescribableindescribable
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King has just swept the Oscars.

We all knew it would happen, but it's a relief to see it happen, isn't it?
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Subject: hello?
Time:12:31 pm
Current Mood:discontentdiscontent
it's pretty darn quiet in here, so i shall ask, what is everyone's favorite scene in the book, and was it in the movie, and what scene do they wish was in the movie that wasn't? hope to hear for you all soon.


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Current Music:Cricket on the TV
Subject:[Introduction] *crows triumphantly* Ha ha! I figured out how to post!
Time:12:32 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy

Hey everyone!,

Well, now that I've finally figured out how to post (took me a while *shrugs* then again, I'm new to the Live Journal stuff) I thought I'd introduce myself to you.

Name/Nickname: Sheena/Thunderfoot/Tfoot/Masi (which is short for Christmas. Don't ask, it involved New Years Eve, far too much wine, and a bed sheet). I'll answer to any of them.

Location:  Australia

Have you read the book? (even some of it): Read the Hobbit every year since I was a little girl and I've read the Lord of the Rings twice and the Silmarillion once.

Do you know any Elvish/Dwarvish?: Some Elvish (I got very bored on my holidays not long after Fellowship came out and decided the language sounded pretty)

Do you have any knowledge of Tolkien's alphabets?: I'm pretty good with the Elven scripts. At one point I could write English using them but I got out of practice.

LOTR knowledge forte: Probably the Elven stuff, history and things like that.

In LOTR, your favorite...
That should probably read characters ^_^. Let's see, Haldir, Elladan & Elrohir, Imrahil, Glorfindel. I have a thing for the minor characters. I need to go through and read the books again, that's very Elf heavy that list *grin*. I suppose I should throw Gollum in there for good measure. I didn't like him much in the books but I adored him in the movie! Though I sorta ranged between wanting to hug him and strangle him.

Actor: Sir Ian Mckellen (how do you spell that). Loved him as Gandalf the Grey and adored him as Gandalf the White. Especially in RotK

Middle-earth culture/race: The Elves, followed closely by the Rohirrim and the Hobbits (I can't seperate those two). I love the Elves 'cause they're so etheral and there's something about them that I just can't put my finger on, but Edoras... I could live there quite easily. There was just something about that place that screamed 'Home'

Film: All three. You can't seperate them. I had the luck of being able to go and see a marathon at Indro a few days after RotK came out. Seriously, the only way to watch those films is all in one hit. You'd be surprised just how well those three things flow together. It really is a 9hr something movie with really long intervals between each one. Can't wait until the EE so I can watch them all in one hit.

Volume of book: Oohh... that's a tough one. Can I come back to that.

Line/scene in film: It's from RotK. Since there might be some people here that might not have seen the movie I'll keep it breif and spoiler free. How they handled Pippin's singing scene. It gave me the chills.

Line/passage in book:  Ooohhh, another tough one. I haven't read the books for a few months


Gil-galad was an Elven-king.

Of him the harpers sadly sing:

the last whose realm was fair and free

between the mountains and the Sea.


His sword was long, his lance was keen,

his shining helm afar was seen;

the countless stars of heaven's field

were mirrored in his silver shield.


But long ago he rode away,

and where he dwelleth none can say;

for into darkness fell his star

in Mordor where the shadows are.


If not that one then the song Pippin sings in RotK (which is actually just a walking song that he sings in Fellowship fiddled with):

Home is behind, the world ahead,

And there are many paths to tread

Through shadow to the edge of night,

Until the stars are all alight

Mist and shadow, cloud and shade

All shall fade, all shall fade!

Other hobbies/interests: Irish dancing, drawing, Pirates of the Caribbean, singing, writing (both fanfic and original stuff).

Anything else: Erm, not quite sure, if there is can I add it later?

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Subject:lj icons
Time:03:37 am
Author: Droston
Rating: G
Characters (or) Pairings: Frodo. With a few Frodo. And Frodo.
Disclaimer: I do not own Tolkien, the LOTR movies, Elijah Wood or this computer.
Other notes: I know that posting icons isn't the greatest thing to do here. However, after Frodo became the Spotlight Character, I went about making an ungodly amount of icons, spotlighting him. I never quite succeeded in ungodly, however I suceeded in making quite a lot. I apologise again for the presence of icon.

they are here, however

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Subject:Humor: Condensed ROTK
Time:08:16 pm
Many of you have probably already seen this, but I felt it my duty to post it for those of you who haven't. Molly Winter has written her condensed version for the latest and final installment of The Return of the King. If you haven't read it, and you're able to make fun of what you love, and if you don't mind slash implications, give this a read! And if you have read it, well .. read it again! :)

The Return of the King: Condensed (by Molly Winter)

Along the humor lines, I ran across a community (which was where I found out that the condensed ROTK existed at all) that specializes in lovingly taking LOTR less-than-seriously. Something we're willing to do here, of course, but that's not the sole purpose. :) So take a look at saurons_angels.

(Oh, yes! If you've got another favorite LOTR community on LJ, or even a mailing list or yahoogroupsetc, feel free to share it with us, and why you love it :) )
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Subject:Introduction, what fun!
Time:07:34 pm
Oh my. Newbie, introduction, self-absorbed side-comments...I promise not to be quite so obnoxious in the future. Really, I do.

Name/Nickname: Droston

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Have you read the book? (even some of it): Er, have read everything, mostly.

Do you know any Elvish/Dwarvish?: Massë ná i tyuru? Not enough to mention :(

Do you have any knowledge of Tolkien's alphabets?: I have knowledge of the Roman characters, however I am unsure as to whether or not Tolkien really invented them…

LOTR knowledge forte: Genealogy. Geography, to a lesser extent. It seems I do not bother with things outside of the letter G.

In LOTR, your favourite...

Character: Mablung

Actor: I have some long-time loyalties to Christopher Lee.

Middle-earth culture: Variags, of course.

Film: TTT.

Volume of book: ROTK.

Line/scene in film: the Battle of the Hornburg (Helms Deep). Aside from all the gore and the death, of course.

Line/passage in book:

‘Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty forever beyond its reach.’


Ho! Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go

To heal my heart and drown my woe.

Rain may fall and wind may blow,

And many miles be still to go,

But under a tall tree I will lie,

And let the clouds go sailing by.

(if only for its entertainment value)

Other hobbies/interests: I have a new layout style, I fence (saber+epee), lose, make too many lj icons for anyone’s good, complain about the weather, join lj comms and idolise people at random (beware: you could be next).
Anything else: Aiya :D

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Time:04:18 pm
Elijah Wood is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight!
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Subject:Character Spotlight: Frodo Baggins, Ringbearer
Time:09:59 pm
Just because I'm updating so rabidly at this moment (sorry for the sake of your friends lists - this won't happen often xD), I'd like to introduce a kind of new idea that I've been tossing around for a while.

Every so often I'm going to post a "Character Spotlight." (This theme might be varied with "Location Spotlight" and "Culture Spotlight" as well.) This is a thread devoted to a specific character, which basically leaves you open to anything you want to discuss regarding that individual. Character analyses, recommendations to good fanfic/art with interpretations of character that you think are particularly good, questions you have involving said character or parts of the book that character is in predominantly, et cetera -- as long as the focus is that character, feel free to post it here, and start your own discussions under this header.

So, to be perfectly obvious, our first Character Spotlight is:

Frodo Baggins

Ringbearer, Master of Bag End

'Taller than some and fairer than most,' Frodo is the reluctant protagonist in The Lord of the Rings, chosen by Fate to carry the One Ring to Mordor for its destruction. What's a set-in-his-ways little hobbit to do? To quote an icon posted by janelemon:

Aragorn: It must really blow being you.
Frodo: You have no idea.
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